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You Are More Important Than Any School… Homework Parent Helping Son

Are you aware of how important you are? A study shows that parents who support their children do MORE than good schools to boost children’s exam results. The study involved more than 10,000 teenagers across the USA. The study found that children do best when parents:

  1. “invest time in their children,
  2. check homework,
  3. attend school events, and
  4. let kids know school is important.”

Other lessons from the study: play with your children more, and talk with your children more. BBC News reported on all this here.


Some Useful Links…

  1. Click here for The What, Why and How of Children’s Learning in Primary School ( videos)
  2. Click here for Helping with Homework (a video)
  3. Click here for Mr Stuart’s Useful Sites for Parents (website)
  4. Please visit our Services for Parents in the Clondalkin Area


Classes & Course for Parents…

  • Healthy Food Made Easy 
  • Computers 
  • Parenting classes
  • Paired Reading
  • Drugs Awareness Morning 
  • Irish Classes 
  • Maths Classes 
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Help with reading and spelling literacy class – Every Wednesday morning at 9.30am
  • Maths for Fun
  • CAPE Coure 
  • English Speaking Classes 
  • Flower Arranging 
  • Jewellery Making Class 
  • Knitting & Sewing

You Are Invited…

Parents are invited to school assemblies and there is tea/coffee served afterwards


Parents Association…

Talbot SNS has a vibrant Parents Association in school. They meet once a month (usually 1st Wednesday after staff meeting) and they support the school in many areas.

  • Fundraising – Christmas Bazaar, Childline Breakfast morning, Coffee Mornings
  • Personal Accident Insurance Scheme
  • Concert/ Clover project/ Bookfair
  • Sports Day – Supplying drinks
  • School policies

Please read our All-Inclusive Parents Association  Constitution


For Parents of Children in 5th and 6th

RSE booklet by HSE for parents/guardians of 5th/6th class children, entitled ‘Busy Bodies’.


Maths for Fun