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Halloween 2017

November 6th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

Well done to all on the great effort put into Halloween costumes this year. The standard just keeps getting better and better. It is also great to see all the families working together to make the costumes – it’s a great way to spend time with your child and develop their creativity and conversational skills. 

Below are a collection of pictures – enjoy!

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School library

October 31st, 2017 by Ms. Considine

I hope you are all enjoying the mid-term break and taking some time to read your library books. When you return to school next week leave a review of the book you have read on Orla’s beautiful Autumn wall display.

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MarathonKids – Visit by David Gillick (Irish Olympic Athlete)

October 27th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

Our 5th and 6th classes are participating in the MarathonKids Programme. It is an 8 week programme where the children learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and complete running tasks in school. The children will run their final mile of their “Marathon” at the National Cross Country Track in November. 

David Gillick, an International athlete who has represented Ireland in the Olympics, visited the school and ran with the children and spoke to them about the importance of being healthy and the enjoyment they can get from running. He had some inspirational words for the children, and talked to them about setting goals in their life – things that they would like to achieve in the future. 

Keep up the good work children, and get out for a run or 2 over the midterm!


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Oíche Shamhna by Amy (Mr Malone’s class)

October 27th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Oiche Shamhna a bhí ann. Bhí mé gléasta mar “dead doll”. Chuaigh me ó theach go teach. Bhí mo dheirfiúr gléasta mar “headless horseman” agus mo dhearthair mar “Killer clown” agus bhí eagla orm.

D’Ith me milseáin, báirin breac agus torthaí. Bhi me in aice leis an tine chnamh. Bhi tinte ealaine suas sa speir.

Bhi cluiche , úll ag luascadh, ull sa bháisín uisce agus silin ar an bplúr. Is breá liom Oiche Shamhna.

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5th Class Visit to Clondalkin Library

October 27th, 2017 by Mr Byrne

On Thursday 26th October, Mr. Byrne’s 5th class visited Clondalkin Library as part of South Dublin County Council Book festival. We listened to and chatted to children’s author, Tom Palmer. Tom is from Yorkshire in England and he flew over specially to talk to schools in South Dublin libraries.

During the talk, children from our school and Clonburris asked Tom lots of good questions about his books, what it is like being an author, himself and how to go about writing a book! We found out in his spare time he spends time with his family, he enjoys reading, he watches sports (especially football) and he likes to go running on the Yorkshire Moors.

We learned that Tom writes books about topics he knows a lot about. He travels to countries and places first to research people and places in his books. To get inspiration for writing he reads lots of books and watches relevant movies. Tom writes about people he has met. His mam inspired him to read lots when he was a teenager, as he wasn’t that interested in reading books when he was young. He showed us his writing folder where he plans all his books before he writes. The publisher has already asked Tom to write six books next year!

Towards the end we played a quiz , then some games and Cody and Bradley even won some prizes! Overall, we all had an enjoyable time listening to and asking questions with Tom. Some of us want to write our own books when we are older!

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Recounts of Our Visit to Deansrath

October 18th, 2017 by Ms Skelly

By Eva

5th and 6th class went to the Deansrath open day on 27 September. We left school at 1.30 and went on the bus. I thought we could have walked. Oh Well!

When we got off the bus we walked over to the school gates and I saw some of my old friends who were past pupils of Talbot SNS. They showed us around and brought us into the English room. It was fun! After that we went to the woodwork room and I saw my brother’s friend, Josh. We were then brought to the metal work room. I saw two boys making fidget spinners which I’m not very fond of but they still looked cool. Everyone knew my brother because he wears flip-flops to school almost every day so everyone knew me as ‘flip-flop’ sister which I didn’t mind at all.

After we had been brought to every room it was time to leave, or so we thought. We were brought back inside and showed the transition year room. I looked at all of the pictures and I saw my brother making a home-made pizza.

It was finally time to leave and we all got a dairy milk bar and capri-sun. I got to sit at the back of the bus which is the hotspot.

When we got back to school it was already home time so we all went home.


By Carlie

All 5th and 6th classes went to Deansrath community college on 27 September. It was the open day.

The first thing to happened was that we all got stickers. We then went down to the hall and into the first classroom which was English. The teacher seemed very nice and kind. We left that room and went to the history room where they had a little fairy garden in the class.

After that we went into a class and got to play Kahoot on i-pads. It was enjoyable to play on i-pads. It was like it was my first day leaving Talbot and that I was now a pupil in Deansrath. Following on from that, we went to my favourite class. Art! I loved seeing the numerous other paintings and drawings and the sculptures which had been made. It was amazing.

Next we went through the P.E. hall where they were playing table tennis. We saw people we knew that used to be in our school. Shortly after that we went to religion and we took a moment to pray. I prayed for the sick and people with special needs and the homeless. Finally we headed to the music room and there was a person singing. There was also a choir in the room and I knew some of the people in it.

At the end of the tour we got a dairy milk chocolate bar and capri-sun. If I could skip sixth class I would because I had a great day. I give it 10/10. It was an excellent day.


By Jake

On the 27 September we went to Deansrath community college to the open day. My class and all of the other classes got tour guides.

My group went to the woodwork room and saw all the projects and two of the students that were working on their projects. Then we went to the metal work room and saw loads of fantastic projects. The first year students had made cars and planes. The second and third years made enormous cars while the fifth and sixth years had remote control cars and helicopters.

After that we went into the science lab where they showed us micro scopes and I saw a cat stomach and liver. Next we went to the home economics room where students were making pizza. We heard it only costs €20 for ingredients per year.

Following on from that we went to the English classroom and we saw all of the books they studied like Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We then saw the Irish/French room and the teacher and some of the art they did in Irish and French. Shortly after we saw the art room and it was really cool. We got a demo of what we were going to do if we came to Deansrath. The final place we gt to visit was the business room where we were shown a slide show about the credit union

I really liked it and I want to go to Deansrath now.


By Anastajza

On Wednesday September 13, my class and I went on a trip Deansrath Community College for the open day.

When we first arrived we got a friendly welcome and the guides gave us stickers. After that we got shown to the first room, meanwhile our teacher got shown to the staffroom. When we got to the second room we played a game of Kahoot and Jake came first and I came second.

Following on from that, we got to see the woodwork room. I loved it because there were lots of structures and I saw a bedside table that a boy made. After that, when we arrived at the art room an art teacher called Mrs. Ryan showed us lots of drawings and I saw a big sculpture that I liked. Mrs. Ryan painted a picture and it was brilliant. We were going to leave but the bus wasn’t there yet so we went back in.

Our group then went to the P.E. hall and I nearly got hit by a ping-pong ball.  Our next stop was in the metalwork room where we saw students making fidget spinners and I saw cars and aeroplanes on the shelves. Finally, we went to the music room and a girl sang to us. The bus was there so we had to go but we got chocolate and capri-sun.

I had the best time and I can’t wait to go back in two years.


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Friendship Poster Competition

October 16th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

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October 4th, 2017 by Ms Byrne

Ms. Treacy’s Class have been learning about Pictorgrams this week!

They created pictograms to show what hobbies the children in their class like to do. Here are a few examples they created:

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Data in 6th Class

October 1st, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Graphs Report

We used graphs to show our eye colour and the average rainfall in Mayo, Dublin and Clare. We used a trend graph for the rainfall and a pie chart for eye colour. For the eye colour we did tallies to see who had blue, brown and green eyes. Then we put them into percentages. After we had all of our information we drew our pie chart.

For our trend graph we looked up the information in meteireann.ie  website and it showed us the rain for every month in millimetres. We converted the mm to centimetres. We also used rounding of numbers. Then we drew the graph on special paper for graphs.

I had lots of fun drawing graphs and you will too.

By Augusta.


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3D shapes in 4th Class

September 21st, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Mr Mulhern’s 4th class are working with 3D shapes this week. Here are some photos of the children constructing 3D shapes using cardboard nets and match sticks with blue-tack. Can you recognise the shape that this net makes? Please leave your reply in the comment box.

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