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Can You Focus?! How Well Can You Do?!

Some people think they can do two things at once just as well as doing one thing. Hmm. Click here and see how long you can do two (or more!) things at the same time well!

So, do you do better when you concentrate on one thing or try to concentrate on many things?

Focus (for Kids page of website)


Have You Tried the Building Game Yet? …  Be warned. This “Building Bridges” game is “addictive”, “too much fun”, and “great to play with someone else or on your own.” It also was our school-wide ICT game for Engineers cargobridge2 (for Kids page of website)Week 2015. First you sketch your plan, then you try it out. Good luck!


Become a Really Fast Typist!

(The ONLY way to get REALLY fast is to learn how to type using all 10 Fingers. Learning this is slow at first, but then you get quicker and quicker and quicker!)

  1. Practice on Typing.comthe best site for learning FAST typing using TEN fingers Funny Fast Typing Using 10 Fingers
  2. See how fast you are at’s One-Minute Typing Test
  3. Another site you can practice TEN-finger typing on is BBC’s Dance Mat



Websites For LOTS of Different Learning Fun

  1. Games from Woodlands — hundreds of GREAT games!
  2. Primary Games — full of super games.
  3. The EASY BBC  site for Science, Maths, and English games (KS1)
  4. The HARDER BBC site for Science, Maths, and English games (KS2)
  5. Play Kids Games
  6. Kids 


Become Brilliant At Maths!
(Which is YOUR favourite game?!)

  1. Mathletics Sign in
  2. Skills Practice from — For 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and HIGHER!
  3. Lowest to Highest — Click on the lowest numbers first
  4. Race Against The Clock type games
  5. Addition Games
  6. Subtraction Practice — 3 Different Levels
  7. Multiplication Games
  8. Shapes Games
  9. Time Games
    • Stop The Clock!!” — Stop the clock when the hands are in the right position
    • Time Game — Tell The Time on a Clock
  10. Hit the Coordinates Game (harder or easier)
  11. Fraction Beacheuro coin
  12. MONEY Game—How many presents can you buy in a minute?(As requested by Ms Ward’s 5th class 2016)
  13. Cool Math — This is a good site for learning, not really playing


 Learn to Speak French—or Spanish—or Mandarin!!

  1. speak frenchGames from the BBC


And Here Are LOTS of Other Great Fun Websites


Games Your Parents Might Like To Try (and Maybe Play With You Too!)

Anything on! What a website. There are so many super puzzles. And new ones every week! Here are some web pages on it your parents might like best…

  1. All the puzzles on Puzzle Playground on one page Puzzles on Puzzle Playground
  2. Puzzle Playground—just Matchstick puzzles
  3. Puzzle Playground—just Coins puzzles
  4. Puzzle Playground—just Visual puzzles
  5. Puzzle Playground—just Word puzzles
  6. Hands On Puzzles—For Children in 1st or 2nd Class
  7. Hands On Puzzles—For Children in 3rd Class
  8. Hands On Puzzles—For Children in 4th Class
  9. Hands On Puzzles—For Children in 5th Class
  10. Hands On Puzzles—For Children in 6th Class


5th and 6th Classers: Learn How To ‘Code’ — Create Websites…

It’s not too hard (it’s a little hard, like everything at first), and it’s a lot of fun.
It’s even easier and also a lot more fun when you learn WITH another person — maybe invite a friend to your house and learn together).

  1. First of all, watch this cool video;it encourages us all to give it a go, give it just one hour!And here Will I Am tells us that “Great coders are today’s rock stars, that’s it!”
  2. To begin, try the ‘Hour of Code’ games (you pick which)…
    we recommend the ones which say ‘Beginner’, obviously!!
  3. Then you’re ready for the ‘Hour of Code’ on — where we play with Minecraft and Star Wars characters! 🙂
  4. And when you get really good, then you’re ready to go on to harder coding.
    Choose Course Two on the Learning section of Have fun!
  5. Of course, for the one or two of you who get really really good (maybe more of you???) then we recommend doing Course Three and Course Four and then the Code Academy page which is meant for grown ups to learn, but maybe you can give it a go?

Hour of Code (KIDS page).



For everyone, know about It’s a great, Irish anti-bullying website.