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Lining Up Points League Update!

March 15th, 2018 by bcahill5608

The February points have been added to the league. Congratulations to the classes who won Class of the Month today!
The league now looks like this:
Joint 1st: Mr. O’Donnell and Ms. Ward 241 points.
Joint 2nd: Mr. Byrne and Mr. Gilmartin 238 points
3rd: Ms. Treacy 234 points.
4th: Ms. Skelly 233 points.
5th: Ms. Cunnane 227 points.
6th: Mr. Mulhern 226 points.
As you can see, there are not many points between the leaders, so every point and bonus counts.
Good luck this month!

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Engineers Week 2018

March 15th, 2018 by Mr. Carty

Mr. Bannon’s and Ms. Skelly’s classes travelled to Red Rua Exhibition Centre in Tallaght for an engineering workshop by students from IT Tallaght and local engineering businesses, like Xilinx. There were lots of experiments and demonstrations and the pupils had great fun learning all about engineering.


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Scoil Talbot Book Fair – Book Report Competition

March 8th, 2018 by Mr. Carty


Our Book Fair has arrived and we would love if you can attend. Parents can then come and buy books on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th from 9am to 10:30am. I will collect your child from their classroom when you arrive. We thank you for your support of the Book Fair – 60% of all money spent comes back to the school in free books.

Any child that writes a short book report or recommends a book they have read in the comments of this post will be entered in to a competition to win a book of their choice from the book fair (or a refund on a book they have bought already). Well done to all!


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Paired Writing 4th and 6th Week 1 Ms Ni Dhuill and Mr Coleman

February 22nd, 2018 by lkilleen6895

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Class Yard Points League January 2018

January 22nd, 2018 by bcahill5608

December’s yard points have now been added to each class total and here are the current league places!
Joint 1st: Ms. Treacy, Mr. O’Donnell, Ms. Ward and Mr. Byrne. 168 points
2nd: Mr. Bannon 164 points
3rd: Mr. Gilmartin 163 points
4th: Ms. Skelly 159 points
5th: Ms. ni Dhuill and Ms. Cunnane 154 points.

Keep on doing your best in the lines. As you can see it is very tight at the top of the league. Those bonus points are very important. Good luck for January!

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Ms. Ní Dhúill’s class visit Pfizer for Science Week!

November 14th, 2017 by lkilleen6895

We visited Pfizer on Monday the 13th of November as part of Science Week. We had great fun! We got a tour of the factory. We made bridges. They had to be wide enough to fit a frying pan underneath and strong enough to carry a bottle of water. We then got to make sun catchers. Believe it or not after this work we were treated to chips, chicken goujons and sausages. Thank you Pfizer for a great day and all the prizes and certificates. Thank you to Junior Achievement and Mr. Carty for organising a GREAT day. By Ms. Ní Dhúill

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Oíche Shamhna by Amy (Mr Malone’s class)

October 27th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Oiche Shamhna a bhí ann. Bhí mé gléasta mar “dead doll”. Chuaigh me ó theach go teach. Bhí mo dheirfiúr gléasta mar “headless horseman” agus mo dhearthair mar “Killer clown” agus bhí eagla orm.

D’Ith me milseáin, báirin breac agus torthaí. Bhi me in aice leis an tine chnamh. Bhi tinte ealaine suas sa speir.

Bhi cluiche , úll ag luascadh, ull sa bháisín uisce agus silin ar an bplúr. Is breá liom Oiche Shamhna.

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Recounts of Our Visit to Deansrath

October 18th, 2017 by Ms Skelly

By Eva

5th and 6th class went to the Deansrath open day on 27 September. We left school at 1.30 and went on the bus. I thought we could have walked. Oh Well!

When we got off the bus we walked over to the school gates and I saw some of my old friends who were past pupils of Talbot SNS. They showed us around and brought us into the English room. It was fun! After that we went to the woodwork room and I saw my brother’s friend, Josh. We were then brought to the metal work room. I saw two boys making fidget spinners which I’m not very fond of but they still looked cool. Everyone knew my brother because he wears flip-flops to school almost every day so everyone knew me as ‘flip-flop’ sister which I didn’t mind at all.

After we had been brought to every room it was time to leave, or so we thought. We were brought back inside and showed the transition year room. I looked at all of the pictures and I saw my brother making a home-made pizza.

It was finally time to leave and we all got a dairy milk bar and capri-sun. I got to sit at the back of the bus which is the hotspot.

When we got back to school it was already home time so we all went home.


By Carlie

All 5th and 6th classes went to Deansrath community college on 27 September. It was the open day.

The first thing to happened was that we all got stickers. We then went down to the hall and into the first classroom which was English. The teacher seemed very nice and kind. We left that room and went to the history room where they had a little fairy garden in the class.

After that we went into a class and got to play Kahoot on i-pads. It was enjoyable to play on i-pads. It was like it was my first day leaving Talbot and that I was now a pupil in Deansrath. Following on from that, we went to my favourite class. Art! I loved seeing the numerous other paintings and drawings and the sculptures which had been made. It was amazing.

Next we went through the P.E. hall where they were playing table tennis. We saw people we knew that used to be in our school. Shortly after that we went to religion and we took a moment to pray. I prayed for the sick and people with special needs and the homeless. Finally we headed to the music room and there was a person singing. There was also a choir in the room and I knew some of the people in it.

At the end of the tour we got a dairy milk chocolate bar and capri-sun. If I could skip sixth class I would because I had a great day. I give it 10/10. It was an excellent day.


By Jake

On the 27 September we went to Deansrath community college to the open day. My class and all of the other classes got tour guides.

My group went to the woodwork room and saw all the projects and two of the students that were working on their projects. Then we went to the metal work room and saw loads of fantastic projects. The first year students had made cars and planes. The second and third years made enormous cars while the fifth and sixth years had remote control cars and helicopters.

After that we went into the science lab where they showed us micro scopes and I saw a cat stomach and liver. Next we went to the home economics room where students were making pizza. We heard it only costs €20 for ingredients per year.

Following on from that we went to the English classroom and we saw all of the books they studied like Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We then saw the Irish/French room and the teacher and some of the art they did in Irish and French. Shortly after we saw the art room and it was really cool. We got a demo of what we were going to do if we came to Deansrath. The final place we gt to visit was the business room where we were shown a slide show about the credit union

I really liked it and I want to go to Deansrath now.


By Anastajza

On Wednesday September 13, my class and I went on a trip Deansrath Community College for the open day.

When we first arrived we got a friendly welcome and the guides gave us stickers. After that we got shown to the first room, meanwhile our teacher got shown to the staffroom. When we got to the second room we played a game of Kahoot and Jake came first and I came second.

Following on from that, we got to see the woodwork room. I loved it because there were lots of structures and I saw a bedside table that a boy made. After that, when we arrived at the art room an art teacher called Mrs. Ryan showed us lots of drawings and I saw a big sculpture that I liked. Mrs. Ryan painted a picture and it was brilliant. We were going to leave but the bus wasn’t there yet so we went back in.

Our group then went to the P.E. hall and I nearly got hit by a ping-pong ball.  Our next stop was in the metalwork room where we saw students making fidget spinners and I saw cars and aeroplanes on the shelves. Finally, we went to the music room and a girl sang to us. The bus was there so we had to go but we got chocolate and capri-sun.

I had the best time and I can’t wait to go back in two years.


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5th Class Recount Writing

September 13th, 2017 by Mr Byrne

Mr Byrne’s 5th class have been preparing, drafting, writing and typing their own recount writing recently on the All Ireland Hurling final. Congratulations to Ruth McCloskey, Leah Molloy and Cyprian Wolski whose articles appear below:

All Ireland Final: By Ruth McCloskey

In Croke Park, Sunday the 3rd of September, the All Ireland Hurling Final 2017 took place. Galway vs. Waterford were the lucky finalists.

At the start of this highly anticipated game, Galway took an early lead with 2 points to nil. Waterford desperately needed a goal, and just past 4 minutes Waterford scored their first goal. By the 13th minute Galway were leading by 4 points, and on 17 minutes Galway had scored their 9th point.

At halftime, with Galway ahead by just 1 point, it was all or nothing for both teams! Both teams were playing their hearts out. But just on full time Galway went dashing ahead. The Waterford team had to do something! And fast!

But in the end, as the final whistle blew, it would be Galway to win this astonishing game. The final score was Galway 0-26 to Waterford’s 2-17. The Tribesmen had come out on top. It was 1988 the last time Galway won. So it seemed that Liam McCarthy had found a new home! Until next year! . . . .

2017 All Ireland Hurling Final: By Leah Molloy

On the 3rd of September 2017, Galway and Waterford battled it out in the All Ireland hurling final. It took place in Croke Park. It started at 3:30pm and ended at 5:15. Whatever team won would bring home the shiny Liam McCarthy cup.

Galway started with two quick points. Kevin Moran scored the first goal for Waterford. Galway were then winning by two points at half time. Tommy Ryan scored a spectacular point for Waterford and the Waterford fans cheered.

Galway eventually won and brought home the Liam McCarthy cup. All the Galway fans went home happy and they were very happy because Galway had not won in 29 years!


2017 All IRELAND HURLING FINAL by Cyprian Wolski

Last Sunday in Croke Park the All Ireland Final was played between Galway and Waterford. They were trying to win the trophy called Liam McCarty.

After the whistle blew, Kevin Moran scored a great goal for Waterford. But Galway did not want Waterford to win. Galway played their hearts out and Galway scored more points and before half time Galway were ahead by 1 point. This meant that it was 0-14 for Galway and 2-07 for Waterford. The crowd was amazed by the game so far.

In the second half though Waterford went ahead by a few points. The match was getting more intense every second. Galway then then got the breeze at their backs they had a chance to close the gap. At that second Galway scored a beauty and then a few more points. The final whistle blew and it was over – Galway had WON! The crowd cheered.

Galway were happy. They did not win for the past 29 years everyone was delighted. That’s how the All Ireland Final ended!

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School reopens on Thursday 31st August 2017

August 21st, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Welcome back to school everyone. School reopens for all our students on Thursday 31st August. We hope you had an enjoyable Summer and look forward to a great 2017- 2018 school year.

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