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Scoil Talbot Book Fair – Book Report Competition

March 8th, 2018 by Mr. Carty


Our Book Fair has arrived and we would love if you can attend. Parents can then come and buy books on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th from 9am to 10:30am. I will collect your child from their classroom when you arrive. We thank you for your support of the Book Fair – 60% of all money spent comes back to the school in free books.

Any child that writes a short book report or recommends a book they have read in the comments of this post will be entered in to a competition to win a book of their choice from the book fair (or a refund on a book they have bought already). Well done to all!


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School library

October 31st, 2017 by Ms. Considine

I hope you are all enjoying the mid-term break and taking some time to read your library books. When you return to school next week leave a review of the book you have read on Orla’s beautiful Autumn wall display.

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5th Class Visit to Clondalkin Library

October 27th, 2017 by Mr Byrne

On Thursday 26th October, Mr. Byrne’s 5th class visited Clondalkin Library as part of South Dublin County Council Book festival. We listened to and chatted to children’s author, Tom Palmer. Tom is from Yorkshire in England and he flew over specially to talk to schools in South Dublin libraries.

During the talk, children from our school and Clonburris asked Tom lots of good questions about his books, what it is like being an author, himself and how to go about writing a book! We found out in his spare time he spends time with his family, he enjoys reading, he watches sports (especially football) and he likes to go running on the Yorkshire Moors.

We learned that Tom writes books about topics he knows a lot about. He travels to countries and places first to research people and places in his books. To get inspiration for writing he reads lots of books and watches relevant movies. Tom writes about people he has met. His mam inspired him to read lots when he was a teenager, as he wasn’t that interested in reading books when he was young. He showed us his writing folder where he plans all his books before he writes. The publisher has already asked Tom to write six books next year!

Towards the end we played a quiz , then some games and Cody and Bradley even won some prizes! Overall, we all had an enjoyable time listening to and asking questions with Tom. Some of us want to write our own books when we are older!

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Winners of our June book review competition

July 13th, 2017 by Ms. Considine and tagged

These two 4th class girls posted interesting comments about new books we put into our school library in June. Their prize was a book and I hope they are enjoying reading it during the school holidays. 

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Orla’s Library Displays

May 25th, 2017 by Ms. Considine

As you have all noticed, Orla has done a fantastic job at keeping the library bright, colourful and interesting. Her interactive and fun displays  have made library time more engaging. She is an amazing artist and has used her creativity to make reading fun for all! Have a look at her work below!


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New books in our library

May 25th, 2017 by Ms. Considine

Mr Carty has recently  put a lot of new books in our school library. He has added books by your favourite authors such as Roald Dahl and David Walliams. Another new book in the library is Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce


Sputnik is an alien from outer space who has come to embark on a mission to save earth from obliteration. This book is laugh-out-loud funny.

Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.

Maia is an orphan in search of distant relatives a thousand miles up the Amazon River. She meets two spiteful lazy cousins who refuse to go outdoors and enjoy all the Rainforest has to offer them. Read about Maia’s adventures in this gripping book.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder is about  August (“Auggie”), a young boy born with severe facial abnormalities who, at the age of 10, leaves the safety of his parents’ homeschooling and begins attending a New York private school.

Seeking Refuge Series by Andy Glynne and others

This is a gripping series of books based on the theme of Global Citizenship. After we have raised our 6th Green flag, these books should be of great interest to you all. Each story tells a tale of children from across the world in far reaching corners of the globe.

Please comment below if you read any of these books and I will pick out a winner for the next assembly.

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Book reviews April by Ms. Shaw’s 4th Class:

April 26th, 2017 by lkilleen6895

Here are a selection of book reviews we completed in April.

No Goodbye by Marita Conlon McKenna

This is a book about a family dealing with a crisis. The mam has left and the dad tries to get his family back. It is good because you have to read the whole book to see if the mother will come back.

We recommend this book because it is full of drama. We think it is suitable for 4th and 5th class and we give it a 9/10!

By Kayleigh Power and Carly Gilsenan


Millionaire Mayhem by Sue Mongredien

This is a book about a family that become rich. We like this book because it shows the children who see the real side of being rich.

We recommend it to everyone to read because it is funny, easy to read and we really enjoyed it. We give it a 9/10

By Ryan Molloy Nicholson and Ruby Fallon

Dockside Series: An Act of Kindness by John Townsend

This book is very interesting. It showed me what friendships are. It is a short read but it is still a worthwhile read.

I would recommend this book to all ages and you could even read it to a younger brother or sister. It’s easy to read but still interesting. I  would give this book 10/10

By Carlie Larkin


A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

This book is about three children whose parents died in a fire so the children must live with a man who is cruel to them. I recommend this book because it is interesting and sad in places. It is suitable for those who can handle sadness in a story! I give it a 10/10

By Taha Altalabani


Billy Bonkers by Giles Andreae

This book is about a boy named Billy and he has a LOT of problems! Billy’s sister, who is very clever, has to try and work out all of his problems. It is a funny book and I would recommend anyone to read this as it is interesting and makes me want to read more! I would give this book a 10/10

By Robyn Meredith O’ Brien

AtoZ Encyclopaedia volume 2 by Miles Kelly Publishing

I love these series of books as they’re crammed with really interesting facts. I would recommend them to anyone as they are super interesting and good to read. I would give this book 9/10

By Reece Donegan


Mossop’s Last Chance by Michael Morpurgo

This book was easy to read, and has great pictures. It was a great story and I really enjoyed reading it. I would rate it as 8/10

By Eva Toner


Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

This book is about a fox who would go to a farm every night and steal a chicken, goose or turkey for his family. It is one of the best books I have ever read and I think it’s suitable for 3rd or 4th class. I would give this book a 9/10.

By Tadhg Kinsella


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

It is about a young boy who goes on an adventure to settle an ongoing battle between all the gods. This is the best action packed book I have read. It can be funny in places. I would recommend it for 4th, 5th or 6th class. I would give it a 9/10

By Jake Coffey

Ethan’s voice by Rachel Carter

This is a book about a boy, who lives on a canal, loses his voice and can’t go to school. He meets a girl called Polly and they have lots of adventures to try to figure out why Ethan lost his voice and if he can remember how to talk again. I loved this book when my teacher read it to the class. I hated when she had to stop because I wanted her to read more. It is a book full of drama and suspense. I would recommend this book to anyone and I would give it a 9 and a half out of 10.

By Calvin Connor


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