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5th Class Visit to Clondalkin Library

October 27th, 2017 by Mr Byrne

On Thursday 26th October, Mr. Byrne’s 5th class visited Clondalkin Library as part of South Dublin County Council Book festival. We listened to and chatted to children’s author, Tom Palmer. Tom is from Yorkshire in England and he flew over specially to talk to schools in South Dublin libraries.

During the talk, children from our school and Clonburris asked Tom lots of good questions about his books, what it is like being an author, himself and how to go about writing a book! We found out in his spare time he spends time with his family, he enjoys reading, he watches sports (especially football) and he likes to go running on the Yorkshire Moors.

We learned that Tom writes books about topics he knows a lot about. He travels to countries and places first to research people and places in his books. To get inspiration for writing he reads lots of books and watches relevant movies. Tom writes about people he has met. His mam inspired him to read lots when he was a teenager, as he wasn’t that interested in reading books when he was young. He showed us his writing folder where he plans all his books before he writes. The publisher has already asked Tom to write six books next year!

Towards the end we played a quiz , then some games and Cody and Bradley even won some prizes! Overall, we all had an enjoyable time listening to and asking questions with Tom. Some of us want to write our own books when we are older!

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This is Healthy Lifestyle Week

September 12th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Monday 11th to Friday 15th September is Healthy Lifestyle Week in Talbot. Thank you to Valerie and Dylan and all in Mr Coleman’s class for creating a lovely banner for the school reception to let everyone know what’s going on in our school this week. The focus of healthy lifestyle week this year is healthy eating and all children are getting a chance to taste a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day through the Food Dudes Programme. Also at Assembly on Thursday (9.10 3rds and 4ths and 9:45 5ths and 6ths) Ms Skelly’s class will do a presentation on Healthy Eating. We are not forgetting fitness and we encourage all our students to make good use of our new running track. Keep an eye on the website for up to date photos of fitness in action on the track.

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Talbot Celebrates Diversity

June 22nd, 2017 by Ms Wynne

We are all different–look around, not one person in the whole world is the same as you. We are all different and we are all equal. In Talbot we celebrate that each of us is unique. And we very much want to recognise this diversity that makes our school the wonderful place that it is. 

At assembly today Mr Gilmartin’s class and Mr Stuart talked about the many languages spoken as a first language by Talbot’s children or parents. The total languages here used to be 21–now it’s a record 29!

Mr Gilmartin’s class designed and made beautiful posters of the word WELCOME written in the 29 different languages of our school community. They will go up at the school entrance–so that everyone feels welcome in our school.

The languages of our school are: Algerian, Arabic, Bengali/Bangla, Bosnian, Chinese, Creole (Mauritius Creole), Edo, English, Filipino/Tagalog, French, Gaeilge, German, Ghan, Italian, Latvian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Nigerian, Polish, Romanian (“Gypsy Romanian”), Romanian (“Moldovan Romanian”), Russian, Turkish, Urdu (Pakistani), Vietnamese, Xhosa, and Yoruba.

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Grandparent’s Day

May 19th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

A big THANK YOU to all our Grandparents who visited our school today. We hope you enjoyed your lunch.

A big THANK YOU also to Glanmore for providing lunch for our grandparents, and to our Parent’s Association for running the show today. 

Thanks to Val for the pictures – pictures below. 

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Spring work in the school garden

March 7th, 2017 by Ms. Considine and tagged

Work has started in our garden. Children in the 6th classes have planted early crop potatoes. The seed potatoes were first left to sprout in the classroom and then planted in the raised bed in the garden. They will be ready for harvesting in June. Also the plants in the butterfly patch are beginning to bloom.

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Operation Transformation 10@10

January 26th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Mr Gordon recently told us all about Operation Transformation and what we can do in school to improve our fitness, health and general well being. One idea for primary schools across the country is called ’10@10′, which encourages all primary school children to take part in 10 minutes of physical activity at 10.am each day. Here is the link to ‘classroom workout’. There will be 2 versions of this video, one in English and one as Gaeilge.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 21st, 2016 by Ms Wynne

School closes Thursday 22nd December at 12 noon for Christmas holidays and re-opens on Monday 9th January at 9am. We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday. It has been a busy run in to the Christmas with Christmas concert, basketball competitions, tests and carol singing, to name but a few activities. On Tuesday 20th our choir sang really well at a Carol singing event in Xilinx.

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Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

October 27th, 2016 by Ms Wynne

Talbot Senior is closed on 28th October and will reopen on Monday 7th November. We hope you enjoy your mid-term break. South Dublin County Council is organizing many  fun events to celebrate Halloween. Check out their infographic at http://www.sdcc.ie/sites/default/files/publications//halloween-infographic-2016.pdf

See all the amazing costumes on our Halloween Fancy Dress Page,



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Here are the photos… Rainbows in the Phoenix Park…

May 25th, 2016 by Mr. Stuart and tagged

What a beautiful, fun, relaxed great time we all had in the park. Thank you, everyone!

20160518_163731 20160518_170057 20160518_170107 20160518_172647 20160518_172711 20160518_174131 20160518_174156 20160518_174202 20160518_180940

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Enrichment Club – Trip to Google

May 11th, 2016 by Mr Byrne

assembly 1


On Tuesday 10th of May, students from our Enrichment Club with Sr Catherine, Mr. Byrne and Mr. Stuart went to Google offices on Barrow street in Dublin city centre.IMG_20160510_133454

In Google, we were accompanied by Georgina and Andrew who work there. We were first given proper name tags so we wouldn’t get lost! Next, we headed to a conference room where we talked about the history of Google, had a quiz and talked new projects that they are working on, like driver-less cars and wifi balloons!

After that we went on the tour where we got to see really cool places like the play ground, quiet thinking rooms, chill areas, offices, gaming rooms, the hyperlink (which is a bridge which connects three buildings together), mini kitchens, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa area and there’s a doctor too! Google office’s don’t look like a work place – it looked like a play place!

Overall we had lots of fun and learned lots of interesting facts. We learned to work there you have to be able to work in teams, be hard working and smart, and having lots of other non-school interests and pastimes is really important too.

Robert, Britney and Zainab – 6th Class




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