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Christmas Message

December 29th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

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Yard Points League

December 11th, 2017 by bcahill5608

Ms. Cahill has started a yard points league to see which classes score most points on the lines during the school year 2017-18.
Here are the standings for the top six classes after three months worth of points.
See if your class can make it into the top six for after Christmas!
1st Place: Ms. Treacy 3rd class / Mr. O’Donnell 3rd class / Mr. Byrne 5th class 134 points
2nd place: Ms. Ward 3rd class 133 points.
3rd place: Mr. Bannon 5th class 129 points.
4th place: Mr. Gilmartin 5th class 128 points.

Keep earning your yard points and bonuses and good luck!
Ms. Cahill

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MarathonKids – Visit by David Gillick (Irish Olympic Athlete)

October 27th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

Our 5th and 6th classes are participating in the MarathonKids Programme. It is an 8 week programme where the children learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and complete running tasks in school. The children will run their final mile of their “Marathon” at the National Cross Country Track in November. 

David Gillick, an International athlete who has represented Ireland in the Olympics, visited the school and ran with the children and spoke to them about the importance of being healthy and the enjoyment they can get from running. He had some inspirational words for the children, and talked to them about setting goals in their life – things that they would like to achieve in the future. 

Keep up the good work children, and get out for a run or 2 over the midterm!


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5th Class Visit to Clondalkin Library

October 27th, 2017 by Mr Byrne

On Thursday 26th October, Mr. Byrne’s 5th class visited Clondalkin Library as part of South Dublin County Council Book festival. We listened to and chatted to children’s author, Tom Palmer. Tom is from Yorkshire in England and he flew over specially to talk to schools in South Dublin libraries.

During the talk, children from our school and Clonburris asked Tom lots of good questions about his books, what it is like being an author, himself and how to go about writing a book! We found out in his spare time he spends time with his family, he enjoys reading, he watches sports (especially football) and he likes to go running on the Yorkshire Moors.

We learned that Tom writes books about topics he knows a lot about. He travels to countries and places first to research people and places in his books. To get inspiration for writing he reads lots of books and watches relevant movies. Tom writes about people he has met. His mam inspired him to read lots when he was a teenager, as he wasn’t that interested in reading books when he was young. He showed us his writing folder where he plans all his books before he writes. The publisher has already asked Tom to write six books next year!

Towards the end we played a quiz , then some games and Cody and Bradley even won some prizes! Overall, we all had an enjoyable time listening to and asking questions with Tom. Some of us want to write our own books when we are older!

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Summer Reading Project 2017

June 29th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

The children in 3rd to 5th class have received a book to read over the summer. The 3rd classes are reading the 2nd book in the Milo Adventures by Mary Arrigan. The 4th classes are reading Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (Maybe!) by Siobhan Parkinson. The 5th classes are reading the Parent Agency by David Baddiel.

When the children are finished they can either submit a book review in the comments section below, or else hand write a book report and bring it back to me in September. All books must be returned in September. Any child that completes a book report will receive a prize.

Happy reading!

Mr. Carty


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NEW School Record–Lennon Berrigan!

June 23rd, 2017 by Mr. Stuart and tagged ,

Wow! Lennon Berrigan in 5th class has broken the school record! Never before has anyone at Talbot typed so fast. 

Yesterday, the 22nd June 2017, Lennon typed at a speed of 74 words per minute (wpm). He showed me and his teacher Ms Ward the certificate from typing.com,which he got when practicing here in school.

Many many congratulations to him. How fast will he be next year? 

How fast will YOU be next year? Lennon practices on typing.com. You can too, for free. Create an account for free and begin! Remember, you must practice with the fingers on the correct letters; aim to get good before aiming to get fast. Enjoy!

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Talbot’s Top Typists–Can YOU beat these speeds?

June 22nd, 2017 by Mr. Stuart and tagged ,

Congrats to everyone who took part in this year’s Top TEN-FINGER Typing competition. 

Special congratulations to three of you who got over 50 words per minute (wpm)!!! Emily Maher in 5th with 52wpm, Kadie Johnston in 6th with 57wpm, and this year’s overall winner Lennon Berigan in 5thwith 58wpm. 

The school record is 72wpm (Andrew Seagrave, 2015). Will one of you ever get that fast? Create an account for FREE at typing.com, give it 2 or 3 hours some day, make sure you practice with your fingers in the right places and you will get real fast! Enjoy!

Click here to see the list of the class winners: Top Typists Using Ten Fingers 2017 WINNERS

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Talbot Computer Science Club

June 9th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

Today at assembly Mr. Bannon and Mr. Byrne showcased two projects created at Talbot’s CS club. Well done to the children involved in their creation. They were super cool, with great dialogue, visuals, action and sound effects. Looking forward to seeing more. The CS club runs for two more weeks before we break for summer holidays.

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May Classes of the Month

June 9th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

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May Super Recyclers

June 9th, 2017 by Ms Wynne

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