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Mission Statement

Our school aims to provide a happy, secure, learning environment where children, parents/guardians, teachers, ancillary staff and Board of Management work in partnership, where each individual is valued, encouraged and respected for their uniqueness and facilitated to reach their full potential in a positive atmosphere.

This will enable the child to live a full life as a child, and will equip him/her to avail himself/herself of further education so that he/she may go on to live a full and useful life as an adult in society.

As a staff committed to the realisation of these objectives, our main aim is to create a happy, secure environment for our pupils in which there is a sense of good order and a reasonable approach to discipline. In this way, a large group can be organised so that the school can operate smoothly for the benefit of all.

School Rules

  1. School opens at 9.00am. Dismissal at 2.40pm.
  2. Absences from school: (Under Education Welfare Act 2000) Absence and lateness must be explained by a brief note written in the school journal and signed by parent/guardian. Absences of 20 days or more must be referred by the school to the Education Welfare Board. Any child wishing to leave school early must have a note signed by parent/guardian.A text message will be sent to the parent if a child is absent from school. You must phone the school to explain the absence.
  3. APPOINTMENTS: You are welcome to meet the class teacher. However, please make an appointment by writing in the school journal or ringing the school and leaving a message with the secretary, a teacher cannot come to the telephone. If there is a serious matter requiring urgent attention please call into the office as classes cannot be disturbed. N.B. for security reasons please call to the office at all times when entering the school.
  4. HOMEWORK should be checked nightly and signed by parents/guardians. If homework is not done there should be a brief note of explanation from the parent in the school journal.
  5. JEWELLERY: Students are permitted to wear stud earrings and a watch only.
  6. Use of MOBILE PHONES during the school hours are strictly forbidden. They must remain off in the school bag during the day.



  1. Be ready for class
  2. Good manners are expected at all times.
  3. Always do your best and allow others to do the same.
  4. Raise hand and wait for attention and listen to the person who is speaking.
  5. Take good care of personal and classroom property
  6. Ensure you are safe in class and make it safe for others


  1. Stay within the boundaries of the yard.
  2. Play safely and fairly. Treat others fairly, the way you would like yourself to be treated.
  3. Litter – keep yard and all areas outside the classroom tidy.
  4. Stay clear of fire alarm and respect all school property.
  5. Line up quickly and quietly and leave and return to your classroom in an orderly fashion.
  6. Dangerous play is forbidden at all times.