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July 13th, 2017 by Ms. Considine

I hope you are all enjoying your summer reading. Tell your parents about the books, tell your brothers and sisters about them. Read them aloud to younger brothers and sisters. In the new school year tell us about the new words you have learned from your reading. We look forward to reading your book reviews.

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4 Responses to “Summer reading”

  1.   ciara d Says:

    The book I read was ‘The Parent Agency’.

    ITs an extremely good book, in my opinion. My favourite is Vlassorina. Barry should lighten up some times, and not be so mean to his parents.

    Thank you teachers in school for suggesting this book it was amazing. I had a great pleasure reading this book.

    10 out of 10.

    Ciara Delmer

  2.   Anastazja Dyl Says:

    I loved the book that our class got.It was called Four Kids Three Cats Two Cows One witch (maybe)And it was the best book I read (Except the book I got from the competition called Miraculase Miranda that I won and the other book I won called Stampys lovely world which was awesome they both were awesome by the way) and I really Loved all the books witch I got from the competition.

  3.   Jack brady Says:

    The book I read over the summer holidays was ”the milo adventures’ the book was about a boy called milo and his cousin Shane and ghostly friend mr Lewis , they were locked in a castle with Miss lee and she was unconscious ,the boys had to come up with a way to get out of the castle but it wasn’t all that easy as the soldiers had a lot of hold on the but some how they had to get out of there so they try everything in there power , I really enjoyed this book because it was exciting and really interesting , I would recommended this book to anybody 🙂

  4.   Dennis Says:

    i liked this book because it was good and here is a bit of the book.beverly is a bit of a snob and cooks up a plot . to visit the island off the cast she manages to convince the somewhat cautious Elizabeth and here slob of surprize who works in the local shop. this motlty crew must find way’s to support each other with one another shortcoming’s , when they become straded a strange ingabitant. i think this is the best book that i read in 4th class.

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