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Summer Reading Project 2017

June 29th, 2017 by Mr. Carty

The children in 3rd to 5th class have received a book to read over the summer. The 3rd classes are reading the 2nd book in the Milo Adventures by Mary Arrigan. The 4th classes are reading Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (Maybe!) by Siobhan Parkinson. The 5th classes are reading the Parent Agency by David Baddiel.

When the children are finished they can either submit a book review in the comments section below, or else hand write a book report and bring it back to me in September. All books must be returned in September. Any child that completes a book report will receive a prize.

Happy reading!

Mr. Carty


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19 Responses to “Summer Reading Project 2017”

  1.   Ruth Mccloskey Says:

    I enjoyed the book very much.
    I loved the mystery about Lady Island.
    Kevin and Elizabeth are my favourite characters
    I think Beverly should just have some fun sometimes.
    Not ALWAYS be so serious, you know just relax for a change .
    Anyway, I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or family member.

  2.   Katelyn Byrne Says:

    The book I was reading was called “The Parents Agency” by David Baddiel.
    I really liked this book because it was very intriguing and the pictures were amazing.This book was about a boy named Barry.Barry was a regular boy aside from he didn’t have much money also he wish he had different parents. One night Barry was angry at his parents because his father got him the wrong James Bond movie.Barry ran upstairs because he was so angry but then everything changed.When he went upstairs into his bedroom and his Ronaldo and James Bond posters started talking to him about how he wanted new parents and then “BAM” he was in a whole new world.As he was walking through this new world he asked some adults where he was and then they surrounded him all wanting to be his parents but then to children came and told the parents to leave. The children were called PC 890 & PC 891 they brought Barry to the TPA which stands for The Parent Agency.They brought him to there head his and the head asked Barry what age he was Barry said 10 in 5 days the boss was shocked and called a code yellow,orange,green,blue and red.In came two girls that looked like Barry’s two sisters but were not.Then the head said that he would give Barry a five day package new parents every five days.Then the head called Barry over to look at all the parents profiles and Barry said he wanted rich parents so he got rich parents. When he got rich parents they had a party for his birthday and it was in a casino but then they went to a shooting range. They wanted Barry to shoot a bird but Barry didn’t shoot the bird and went back to the TPA.The next parents Barry wanted were famous parents so that’s what he got but when he had his party he realised that the famous parents only got a child for more fame so he went back to TPA.The next parents Barry wanted was fit parents so that’s what he got the party these parents threw for him was playing in a football match but then Barry realised that these parents are too fit so he went back to the TPA.The next parents Barry wanted was parents that let him do whatever he wanted to do so that’s what he got.this time the birthday party was an animal car wars party but after the party the parents were finished with Barry doing what he wanted so he was sent back to the TPA.When Barry got to the TPA he picked the to girls (the ones that looked like his sisters) parents and the party this time was pizza and a birthday cake.So after that Barry’s sister started choking on cake so then Barry saved them.Then he went back too the TPA.The head asked Barry what parents he wanted but Barry didn’t know so the head called out all the parents.They started pulling at all of Barry’s limbs then Barry woke up…He was in a hospital bed and his parents said when he was going upstairs to his bedroom he fell and hit his head he was in a coma for five days and woke up just in time for his birthday.The doctor done some more tests on Barry then he was able to go home.Him and his Dad went home is a Rolls Royce and that was the end of the story.

    I rate this book a 7/10.

    It was a great story.

  3.   Ruth Mccloskey Says:

    My favourite part is when they start the journey to lady island and Elizebeth spots Kevin and asks him to come along. Ha ha.I could practically here Beverly in the background saying “What are you doing !?!” Ha. When Elizebeth first met Kevin I felt like she had a little crush on him. By the way my comments were ment to be connected.So my thoughts on this book (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) 4 stars

  4.   Sophie Beakhurst Says:

    The book 4 Kids,3 Cats,2 Cows,1 Witch(Maybe) was a very nice book to read.The four kids names are Beverly,Elizabeth,Kevin and Gerard.
    The cats names are fat which is Gerard’s cat and the other two cats names is Pappageno.The 2 cows names are Dymphna and the maybe Witch’s name is also Dymphna.This story is about 4 kids that go to an island called Lady Island.When they were on the island they all had packed lots of food and other things so when they got there they all had breakfast.When they had finished breakfast Elizabeth told a story about 4 kids and they eats some berries and turn into animals.When she was finished they split into 2 groups Gerard and Elizabeth and Kevin and Beverly.Kevin and Beverly went to the beach and Beverly had a panic attack and Elizabeth and Gerard only made it half way because Elizabeth fell into a pit and twisted her ankle so they had to stay there.When Kevin and Beverly was on there way back they met them and Beverly and Kevin helped carry Elizabeth to a house that Gerard had seen on the way there.When they got there they decided to put Elizabeth’s foot in the sink to bring down the swelling but when that said that the door opened and there was a woman the women was wearing weird things.After they had had a talk with the woman a storm started to start and they all got scared because it was a thunder storm with lots of rain when it had passed they had a picnic in the garden.Then after that they all took the woman’s boat back to the mainland where Elizabeth and Gerard went back to the city and Kevin and Beverly never really got to see the woman again.

  5.   Josh O Meara Says:

    I really enjoyed the book

    Four kids
    Three cats
    Two cows
    One witch

    By Siobhan Parkinson

    My favourite character is Kevin.
    Beverly is the bossy one.
    Kevin is a cool dude.
    And Gerard takes his cat everywhere

    My favourite part is the lady island
    And really interesting.
    I would recommend this book to friends

  6.   ciara d Says:

    The book I read was “The Parent Agency”

    Its a extremely good book, in my opinion. My favourtie is vlassorina.Barry should lightin up some times.And not be so, so mean to his parents.

    thank you teachers in school for sugesting this book it was amazing I had great pleasure reading it.

    10 out of 10

  7.   ciara d Says:

    The book I read was “The Parent Agency”

    Its a extremely good book, in my opinion. My favourtie is Vlassorina.Barry should lightin up some times.And not be so,mean to his parents.

    thank you teachers in school for suggesting this book it was amazing I had great pleasure reading it.

    10 out of 10

  8.   Blanka Gonciarz Says:

    TPA {THE PARENT AGENCY} by David Baddiel.

    This book was very interesting and fun
    to read. It was quite easy but I think it was perfect.

    Barry Bennett didn’t like being called
    Barry. He thought it was a weird name for a ten year old. Barry had a hidden list under his pillow called, THINGS I BLAME MY PARENTS FOR. written on the list were things like being boring, or in fact calling him Barry. This list ended at 10. NOT EVEN MAKING MY BIRTHDAY REALLY GOOD. This was only the start of his bad day 🙁
    “…so I thought maybe on my birthday- next Saturday- when i wake up, it would be good is waiting outside was an Aston Martin” Barry was saying. Then it got into an argument, Barry stormed into his room and suddenly, the ground started to shake.When Barry’s eyes recovered He was in a completely different place to his bedroom. He was in the Parent Agency, a place where you get to choose your own parents.First he wanted RICH PARENTS but he didn’t like it because they told him to kill a bird. The Second parents he wanted was FAMOUS PARENTS. but they seemed to take control of him as they wanted to change his name to Barrissina. next he wanted parents that were never tired but they seemed to be to active for Barry. Next he wanted PARENTS THAT WOULD LET HIM DO ANYTHING. Barry actually liked them but they didn’t like Barry. The last parents he could try were PARENTS THAT THINK BARRY IS THEIR FAVORITE CHILD. Barry was their favorite but as time passed they realised they loved everyone from the family. And this was time for Barry to choose his parents. Barry couldn’t choose he felt like everyone just wasn’t right for him. he got scared, everyone was surrounding him. suddenly he woke up. he wasn’t in his room…or the Parent Agency..he was in a hospital bed. His REAL parents told him he fell in a coma for five days and it was the day of his birthday! Barry could go home now, dressed in a tuxedo he drove of home in a Ford Fiesta. That was his best birthday ever! 🙂

  9.   Owen igharo Says:

    I like the book
    Favourite characters:the sister entity
    Some parts were interesting and some weren’t.
    Sutible for a class reading

  10.   Nicole ojo Says:

    The book that I was reading is called “the parent agency”I enjoyed the book and I liked barry’s list of things I blame my parents for. My favourite character was Barry of course, I kinda felt bad the he didn’t appreciate his parents or who he is beside that the book was really good. I really hope to see more books like that in the library.

  11.   Joey power young 3rd Class Says:

    The book I was reading was called The Milo Adventures By Mary Arrigan.
    Milos ghostly buddy,Mister Lewis appears in the towns ancient castle but he’s not alone.He’s in trouble and needs Milo’s help.Things get very complicated when Milo’s teacher,Miss Lee accidentally wakes some Raging chieftains from long ago.And then she disappears.
    Mister Lewis takes Milo and Shane through the castle time portal… into a Milo Adeventure.
    I think that the book was funny exciting.I think other kids would like it because it has an adventure in it. It was a great book.

  12.   Amelia Hajduk Says:

    I really liked this book.
    I also liked the mystery of Lady Island. My favourite characters were Kevin and Beverley.
    My favourite part of the book was when the children were in the mysterious womans house and the door opened a little bit and the children were curious what monster they would see.
    I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.

  13.   Grace Bennett Says:

    The book I read was the Parent Agency by David Baddiel

    Barry Bennett is a kid that wishes he had new parents. He asks his parents if he can have a James bond party. But his parents just ignore him and only listen to his sisters. His mom has egg timers on the dishwasher and when Barry storms off with anger he knocks of the red one. He is sent to his room. He goes to bed and wishes for new parents then he travels to a magic world where kids choose their parents he has to choose his parents before he is ten in 5 days. He then wakes up in hospital after choosing parents that look like his. All his family are characters from the film James Bond and he gets a 007 cake. As he blows out his candles the James bond figure fly off with was perfect.
    His doctor told him he fell into the egg timer with all the glass in his head then he can go home
    He found out he was in a coma for five days. He then loves his parents and will never change them again.

    I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others.

  14.   Andrea thorpe Says:

    The main character of this book is nine year old Barry Bennett, a boy with a love of James Bond and football who is jealous of his twin sisters, who are favoured by his parents and he finds them exceedingly annoying. Barry is unhappy with his parents and, as suggested by the title, he finds himself in a world where you can pick your parents. From this point the book is peopled with prospective Mums and Dads, with silly names and eccentric ways, to appeal directly to the young reader. Barry is sure that this will be his perfect solution, but is it? It becomes apparent that if you do not choose your parents by the time you are 10 and his tenth birthday is looming, something will happen. Will Barry pick in time?

  15.   Karly molloy Says:

    The book I read is called:The Milo Adventures written and illustrated by Mary Arrigan.
    I loved the book because it was funny and interesting.
    The main characters was Milo,his best friend Shane, big Ella. Milo and Shane are best friends they play football with each other and they don’t really like doing it. There was a cake sale on so Shane was trying to get Milos attention for him to go to it. They were walking home after football training and they saw a castle Shane wanted Milo to go in to it but there were big signs saying keep out but the went in anyway. Milo said to Shane my dad is a Garda and he said that the food is horrible and the place is cold but that was only the station. Milos Mam and dad met Miss Lee in the shop she told them that Milo was great kid,The next day they joked that Miss Lee had been abducted by aliens, when they were told Miss Lee is not in today .Shane said his mum said teachers should be able to take the odd day off to stop them going mad. They went to get help from big Ella to help save the castle and the town. Big Ella disguised Ossie Milo and Shane and the walked to the woods with Mr Lewis. They met two men on there way.Ossie fought them off. When they arrived at the castle they made up names for themselves., like master google earth.They went to the opening day at the castle, Ossie won a trophy for shooting a bullseye. They came across the two men again Ossie called them thieves, they tried to take his trophy.

    The book that I read was really enjoyable I would really recommend this book and I will read the follow up books too.

  16.   Emily Kinsella Says:

    The story was slow to begin with and it took me a while to get into it. I found sometimes the descriptions were too long. I thought Beverley in the beginning was very rude especially to Kevin but she got nicer towards the end. I enjoyed the stories they told to each other my favourite was Elizabeths. Dymphna sounded like a mad woman at first but then I felt a little bit sorry for her. I enjoyed parts of this book but found other parts quiet boring.

    I’m giving this book a 5/10

  17.   Saoirse Byrne Says:

    This book was very interesting.
    I loved the part when mister Lewis and
    Shane met in chapter 10.
    My favorite characters are mister Lewis and Milo.
    I recommend this book.
    I rate this book 10/10.
    This is a great book.

  18.   Holly mcdonnell Says:

    The two main characters,Milo and Shane left football training,without anyone knowing. They decided to go to an old run down castle. The gate had a gap for them to get through,Inside the castle they met a friendly half ghost called Mr Lewis and Ozzy who was from the past. Milo and Shane agreed to help Mr Lewis with a mission which brings them to a portal,they travel through time. They had a really big adventure going from castle to castle trying to get back to their own time zone.This is a very good book with an exciting story, including the putting asleep of a security guard, sneaking around and finding their missing teacher Mrs Lee. Well worth a read.
    I rate this book

  19.   David Adeoti Says:

    I finished Milo adventures
    I was a great book
    Milo and Shane have to go back in time
    to save their teacher Miss Lee.

    I rate this book 7/10

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