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Calendar for 2018-2017

June 29th, 2018 by Ms Wynne

School opens: 30th Aug

Oct mid-term: 27th Oct-4th Nov

Christmas: 22nd Dec-6th Jan

Feb mid-term: 16th Feb-24th Febr

St Patrick’s Day: March 18th

Easter Holidays: 13th-28th April

May bank Holiday: May 6th 

June Bank Holiday: June 3rd

School Closes: 27th June

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Talbot celebrates 40 years with the Garda Band

June 29th, 2018 by Ms Wynne

Talbot ended 2018 with some very important celebrations. We celebrated 40 years of Talbot with a fabulous musical show by the Garda band. They were terrific. Thank you to our wonderful Parent’s Association for their lovely gift to mark the occasion. We also posed in the shape of a 40 on the school field and we got an aerial shot taken, to be unveiled at a later stage.

We also took the opportunity to mark the retirement of two of our staff, Sr Catherine and Ms Considine. We thanked them for their amazing work over the years, we will miss them so much but they know they are always welcome in Talbot. The children showed their appreciation through a heartfelt speech by Jamie from 6th class. Two beautiful souvenir books from all the children were presented by Cody and Aoife. 

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6th Class Graduation 2018

June 29th, 2018 by Ms Byrne

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Mr O’Donnell’s Class complete their Junior Achievement Programme

June 21st, 2018 by Ms Wynne

Mr O’Donnell’s class completed their Junior Achievement programme today. Thank you to Kat from Junior Achievement and well done to our budding entrepreneurs!

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Talbot Senior School looks back 40 years

June 18th, 2018 by Ms Wynne

This year we celebrate 40 years of Talbot Senior NS. In 1977 it was just beginning. Here are some photos of the school’s foundations, as a building site and the first hurling and football teams with Mr Mullarkey and Bean Uí Chadhain. Thanks to Mr Mullarkey for finding these photos so that we can look back at the history of our school.

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Talbot Senior Celebrates 40 Years with a Fun Day

June 17th, 2018 by Ms Wynne

Thank you to Our Parent’s Association and Mr Carty for organising a wonderful fun day to celebrate Talbot’s 40 years. Thank you to our photographer Joanne for catching some great moments.

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Art Display 2018! Well done everyone!

June 15th, 2018 by Ms Ní Dhúill

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Art Display 2018! Check out our Fabulous art!

June 15th, 2018 by Ms Ní Dhúill

Talbot Snr School Art Display: Super well done to all our Winners and to all those who participated! 

Art Display Winners 2018
3rd Class
Ms Ward: 1st Piotr Zawierta
2nd Caitlin Bennett
3rd Christopher Boylan

Ms Treacy: 1st Madison Dunne
2nd Keera Boylan
3rd Deborah Adeoti

Mr O Donnell: 1st Oliwier Smykla
2nd Karl Stynes
3rd Martyna Kopec

4th Class 
Ms Ní Dhúill: 1st Karly Molloy
2nd Danny Connors
3rd David Stewart

Ms Ryan: 1st Alae Belkhen
2nd Calom Mc Kenna
3rd David Adeoti

Mr Mulhern: 1st Amela Muminovic
2nd Reece Johnston
3rd Lorcan Mc Bride

5th Class
Mr Gilmartin: 1st Emily Kinsella
2nd Ikram Ameur
3rd Danielle Devoy Thorpe

Mr Bannon
1st Katelyn Mc Kiernan
2nd Coleen Imperial
3rd Calvin Connors

Mr Byrne
1st Ruth Mc closkey
2nd Brooklyn Mc Greevy
3rd Sophie Beakhurst

Ms Skelly
1st Robyn O Brien
2nd Eva Toner
3rd Ruby Fallon

6th Class
Mr Coleman 1st Meliha Muninovic
2nd Makensie Curtis
3rd Nicole Ojo

Mr Molloy 1st Nicole Macken
2nd Dylan Mc Carthy
3rd Susanna Perkins

Mr Malone 1st Amy Daly
2nd Christina Carroll
3rd Auguste Vilciauskaite

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School Garden 2018

June 12th, 2018 by Mr Byrne

The garden is a busy place this time of year. Many thanks to Ms Considine for all her effort this year!

5th classes are waiting to harvest the potatoes and broadbeans. We planted beans in September and potatoes in March.

Here are some before and after pics:

Sept 2017:

June 2018:

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Update for Class Yard Points League!

June 11th, 2018 by bcahill5608

The April points have been added on and this is how the classes stand at present!

1st place: Mr. O’Donnell 313 points.

2nd place:  Ms. Ward 301 points.

3rd place: Mr. Bannon and Mr. Gilmartin. 300 points.

4th place: Ms. Treacy 299 points.

5th place: Ms. Skelly 294 points.

6th place Mr. Mulhern 286 points.

There are only two more months of points to add on and then we will know which class is the league winner for 2017-2018. Keep trying hard for the last few weeks and good luck!!

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